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Can I deposit funds to my Veryable account using my routing and account number?



  • Lequila Mcgauley

    Vault Inquiry: I haven't received my DIRECT DEPOSIT i had set up with the VAULT'S routing# & account #. It's a weekly deposit that suppose to have been deposited 2-22-22 that I set up a week ago to go to my VAULT account. It's coming to me from my fiance's account weekly and everything is correct on their end, therefore it's an issue on your end and no one is available to give me assistance and it's very annoying. I've left emails, texts,, chats,, & voice-mails and NOTHING has happened!! 😠what happened to my deposit? Thanks.

  • Support Admin (Benji)

    Hello Keala! After looking at your submitted tickets and texts, I see that you submitted a ticket around 4:22 AM and we responded at 9 AM during our business hours. We have reached out to our banking partner to see how long these direct deposits normally take as there is likely a processing window like you would find at any bank. The payment initiation happened on Friday, and the banks are closed over the weekend, as well as for the banking holiday Monday. As soon as we receive confirmation from our banking partner about this, we will be sure to update your ticket. 


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