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Why was my account suspended? How long will it last?



  • Mario Sykes

    I Really Love Too Work For Verybel and I perform well on the job I was biding on some jobs and they was not on my schedule and one was sending me invite and I send him a text message why I wasn't gonna be there and the next day my account was suspend

  • David Dreps

    I'm submitting a reinstatement request for the following reasons. I was a victim of identity theft in 2019 resulting in my tax returns and my stimulus is being robbed from me by whoever was in possession of my information. I'm guessing the reason why I'm getting the message that my account is suspended when I I'm just barely signing up for the first time is that the same person probably signed up for a bunch of gig apps namely this one and totally trash my reputation. Whatever the infractions were that got the account suspended I have no clue because I was not there because it was not me. I am still trying to recover from the pandemic and having my identity stolen and I'm finding out that I can't even sign up for one of the best gig apps out there. So basically I am claiming non-ownership of what has taken place to discredit my name. Thank you for your consideration

  • Support Admin (Benji)

    Hello David!

    Please reach out to us via the Support function in the app in order to submit your case for reinstatement. Your OC can send you a link that will allow you to request your reinstatement. 

  • Samson Parks

    Need help with my account

  • Support Admin (Benji)

    Hello Samson! It looks like you have already reached out about this on Thursday 6/16 and our team explained the reason for your suspension. They asked you the following questions: "Did you bid for the op and not confirm it, or did you arrive late/leave early?" Please answer these through the original ticket (Ticket #163116) that can be found in your email. Thanks!


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