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How do I get in touch with my local support?



  • Amelia Grant

    I asked you to delete my account as you are not available in California

  • Alex Turner

    I went to work on Friday the 26th and today is Saturday the 27th and I have not been paid for my work

  • Support Admin (Benji)

    Hello Amelia! I see a pending ticket in regards to your account closure requesting your final confirmation. I will let the agent know that this is your confirmation for account closure. 

  • Support Admin (Benji)

    Hello Alex! I have created a ticket for this issue for us to look into this further. 

  • Lisheenia Daniels

    Lisheenia Daniels
    I wasn't paid for my shift 01/25/2022. Overnight shift.
    FICO company
    Supervisor: Frank
    I worked 3 hours
    Mike sent an email this morning correcting I did show up to work. I have been calling, texting, and sending emails since Thursday 01/27/2022. I really want to get back to work.

  • Support Admin (Benji)

    Hello Lisheenia! I will create a ticket based on your comment and have it sent over to the local Atlanta team.

  • Derrick Pickens

    I worked 1/27/22 5am-3:30pm and haven't been paid. Sent several messages but still haven't got paid. Spoke to supervisor before leaving work and he showed me were he entered the Information in


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